Leden 2015

Other Issues in Media and Society

19. ledna 2015 v 21:31
1) Do you think the social media make us unhappy? If you agree or disagree visit this page and read the posts. Facebook, Instagram, etc., is still on the theme. You can have many friends and followers, however, will you be more happy with it? Just open your eyes and live!

2) Do you believe what journalists show us in the newspapers and magazines? This page will show you examples how articles can be misleading, not objective, and how they can influence us to the falsity.

3) Other main todays problem is Cyberbullying. I think this issue should be more often discussed because it can have fatal results. You can read the real stories, and which forms of Cyberbullying are.

4) This blog is quite about the same topic as mine. She describes how todays beauty perfection affects even small children, and how it can have the dangerous consequences - the eating disorders. If you would know more, visit this blog.

5) The last blog what I would present you is called: How does media influence children's development? You can read there the possitive and the negative views and learn how protect your future childre because this theme will be more and more serious.

How I see It

12. ledna 2015 v 11:59
There are many ways we can fight the imperfect perfection.

There has always been the media which tried to show us what is ideal or trendy at the moment. Each year the taste of people change and also requirements. Sadly it always influence people, especially women. As a model i know how hard it is to keep yourself in shape, but there's no need to use drastic methods to be ideal.

I would love to help women with their self- confidence. To show that there is no necessary to ruin your life because of that. Part of the problems comes from family and loved ones. Not always of course, but particularly when you don't get as much attention as you need. When your parents tell you need rhinoplasty nose surgery. So those poor little girls keep thinking about what has her mother said and find tons of other problematic parts on their bodies.
If we would have given more love to the world maybe some of the girls would find themselfs more attractive. People can be very mean, especially those who by utilizing rudeness and spreading hate on others hide their own problems.

There might be more serious human problems, disasters, etc. But this is the obvious part, things we see, people we have around with these kind of mental and physical melt-downs. Beauty is all around us. We are lucky when we can see it, when we can feel it. Only thing is, that we are mostly provoked to be unhappy and always need to spend more money on different kind of treatments and beauty products. Nowadays it is really hard to understand each product, how it works and when we will see the effect. Sometimes we just get an answer as "you won't see the result for a while" and people, clients, keep spending their money at it, believing that that's exactly what they need. Which I believe is never like that. And i feel sorry for such a misfortune. Only thing that those women need is a regular care, health care, fresh and light food.

What the Experts Say II.

12. ledna 2015 v 11:00
Sophie is author of best-seller book called Gorgeosly Green. She is an internationally expert about green and healthy living. She has written 2 other book focused on food and wellness called The Gorgeously Green Diet, and Do it Gorgeously. She studied clinical nutrition, homeopathy, and aromatherapy in the UK which it inspired her to making her own health and beauty products and of course healthy lifestyle. She has appeared on a lot of Television shows, including Oprah, Good Morning America, The View, The Early Show, and Access Hollywood. She has a certificat as a Yoga teacher and as a specialist of Holistic Nutritionist.
Her new book, Gorgeous For Good, will be published in April 2015.

She started to help women from all the world in a heath way.

On her blog we can find food recipes, skin recipes or her DIY recipes.
My favorite is a Coconut rise puding. This is the famiy receipe in the healthy was, of course! Here is the page and your can try it too. Well, bon appetite :)

She has a lot of videos there about homeing - how to change your rooms to feel more comfortable, videos about pets, about food, and beauty. One of the popular video is this.
Well enjoy it and I hope she will help you too.

For Further Research

12. ledna 2015 v 10:21
1) If you are interested about these eating desorders, or if you have some questions about it, this page will be the perfect one what will get you the answers. You can find what the eating desorders are, explain you the types of anorexia, tell you what are the symphtons, how you can help to yourself and where you can find the help. Here are also stories of women or men with these eating problems and how they solved it.


2) The second page what I would love to show you is motivating page. It is about a blogger who had the anorexia nervosa. Nowadays, she is healthy, she lives her helthy lifestyle, she is doing the sports several days a week and she feels free without anorexia. She wants to show you how better life can be with the health food and healthy lifestyle.


3) This page trys to teach you to love yourself and accept yourself. Wants to help you find a harmony in your mind and inspires you to become strong and confident from within.

,,In the very experiencing of your feelings, a spaciousness is created, and miracles can occur. Trust that, even when you feel miserable, on the other side of the misery, is love. Our natural state is love. All we have to do is accept who we are, in any given moment, and love is there."



What the Experts Say I.

12. ledna 2015 v 9:39
One of the things what I admire is when people want to help to other people.


Two teen girls. Both are from different families, are not similar in no way, but these girls connesting one thing - an eating disorders. They wanted to look as the models from the fashion magazines, as the models from fashion show that they forget to their health.
One day they decided to stop with their bodies destruction. These girls estabilished non-for-profit organization in the United States and they are helping to other people find a money who cannot afford treatment. They show to everybody that full recovery from eatting desorder is possible.

"We want to diminish society's obsession with body image by encouraging people to accept their bodies. People do not have to love everything about their bodies, but it is important that they learn to embrace their perceived flaws and 'imperfections.' We hope that by providing encouragement and support we can help those struggling with body image issues from developing full-blown eating disorders."

Founders of Project HEAL, Kristina & Liana

If you are interested with this organization, please, follow this page and learn more about it.

Current Events II.

12. ledna 2015 v 1:55


Anorexia nervosa - or simply called anorexia - is an eating disorder, especially, of young women or teens, who are afraid of gaining weight. However the cases are also in men. These people have abnormally skinny figure that we can see their bones. They restrict food, using laxatives, diet aids, etc.
Some other people control their weigh by vomiting - this disorder called bulimia nervosa or only bulimia. These people vomit their food after eating and it has the same effect as anorexia - loosing weigh. They are using a toothbrush or their fingers.

In worse cases can be difficult to overcome and return to their healthy eating habits. They still think they are too fat.

The many of cases are reported in young girls who want to be models or just in models.

Isabelle Caro

She was a French fashion model and actress. Many people know her from a disastrous campaign called "No anorexia", where she is sitting with no clothes and looks like a skeleton with skin.
She had "trouble childhood" when her mother had phobia that Isabelle would grow. She was always hungry and could not go out with friends. All her life has problem with gaining weigh. When she was 20, in 2006, she was hospitalized with weigh 25kg and died when she was 28.
Her campaign was banned in several countries, however it had a response from some magazines and designers which have banned the models with unhealthy weigh.

Here is the video about her whole life, about living with anorexia and her campaign what shocked all the world with.

Mary-Kate Olsen

She is a famous actress known of Olsen twins. When she was 18 she started with eating disorder called anorexia. She was famous, had loving family and her twin Ashley, she had a boyfriend, was always smiling...well, where was the problem?

,,She only wanted look better on the red carpet."

During this problem she lost weigh, looked sick and tired. However after publication in the media she started eat again and Ashley was her best mainstay.

Current Events I.

12. ledna 2015 v 0:02


Dove campaign for real beauty is marketing campaign which we can see in all around the world. It started in 2004 by Unilever and includes advertisements, videos, workshops etc. Their aim is show us the perfections of the natural variation embodied by all women and help to feel comfortable and to be more confidence with themselves.

The market research found that only 4% of women consider themselves beautiful.

With the first billboards campaign they did not have a great response only from the United Kingdom, where was the beginning, however from all the world - especially from women. There were images of women with two-tick boxes next to them, for instance, "fit? or fat?" and "wrinkled? or wonderful?" and more.

Next year Dove had a new campaign with women taken only in underwear. He wanted underline their real beauty with no photoshop improving. Each of these women is different - black or white skin, thicker or thinner, young or older. However these women look so happy without the problems. They look with confidence, they love themselves.

In 2006 started new campaign called "Evolution". For many young women this opening their eyes that "the magazine beauty" is only a digital improving and still has impact today.

In 2011 was published a video from the new campaign "Real Beauty Sketches".

Several women are invited into a room where a man is sitting behind them, not seeing each other. That man is Gil Zamora, the fbi artist of criminal sketches. Each woman describes herself the way she thinks she looks like. He draws down everything they say, asking separately about each part of their face. Thereafter other people come and describe their own first impression and parts they have paid attention to. Beautiful deep eyes for example or healthy skin, without seeing the defect first. Then they call inside again those who were described and both of their portaits were hang next to each other. One with their personal description, the other one someone else's description of them. And there they saw the difference. They looked more likeable, nice, beautiful, not so tired or so. They couldn't believe that other people haven't seen what they thought was ugly about them.

These compaigns had and still have a great success in the world.
I think and agree with "BEAUTY IS ONLY A STATE OF MIND".


11. ledna 2015 v 22:07
I think I am a lucky person because for a long time I can do what I find interesting and what I admire from my childhood. I work as a czech model. I have been a photo model for several photographers, for a lot of designers and I even walked at their fashion shows. Once one of the famous czech photographers offered me to be a model and I was really excited about it but when we've met they told me that I am too fat for their new collection. It was very dissapointing.
I grew up with many girls from this branch and they had a similar or the same problem. Because of that I can say that what these girls are able to do with their health is alarming. They are willing to do a lot...for perfection.

But tell me..

What is the perfection ?
What means ideal in beauty?
What is a real beauty?

Is it what we are wearing or how we look under the clothes? Or can it be our personality?

Because of my experience I decided I would love to help people understand that even we, models, are critical to ourselves. However still are other ways how to look good.